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Tarzan the Tiger, Chapters 8-15

Published 1929

This is the last eight chapters of a 15-Chapter chapterpay featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs' jungle hero in a serialized film adaptation of TARZAN AND THE JEWELS OF OPAR. It stars Frank Merrill as Tarzan and Natalie Kingston as Lady Jane. Produced and directed by Henry McRae, it was a silent serial with synchronized soundtrack score and effects, including Tarzan's yell.

Producer Henry McRae
Production Company Universal Pictures
Audio/Visual silent, with synchronized soundtrack score and effects, B/W


Reviewer: swampcat - - April 14, 2007
Subject: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At last! I really enjoy these old serials. This is a good one! I wish they still made them. I also wish more would be up-loaded here.